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Each chapter elects it’s own governing Operating Committee and functions as an independent unit under the guidelines of a central bylaws and Board of Directors. 

Each chapter holds monthly membership meetings with a networking exchange of ideas theme, training seminars on a variety of maintenance related topics, and sponsors annual trade shows as a means of exchanging ideas and technology changes with members and non-members alike. Chapters also attend and contribute to local charitable events, sponsor golf outings and picnics, and establish and fund scholarship programs. 


Just a note to tell all that my years associated with the PFMA have been very rewarding and beneficial.In business and in life these days things are changing all the time but the PFMA continues to be an asset to me in both areas. My visit to the PFMA show was of great help to me and my new company.I was able to connect to services and vendors new and old that helped my company within a week.I had a service company Total Mechanical go above and beyond to help my company out when i needed them.Mainly because i meet them at the PFMA show.Dale maintenance technician at RR Donnelley. Dale Wyrobek 

Membership Type

Membership in the PFMA, Inc. is classified into one of three areas of expertise: 

*In-plant/Regular members include any person whose career or occupation is directly involved in plant or facilities maintenance, such as a maintenance supervisor, engineer, or accredited craftsperson. 

*Academic members include any person whose career or occupation is directly involved in the education and/or training of the maintenance professional or craftsperson. 

*Vendor/Affiliate members include any persons whose career or occupation supports a plant or facility maintenance function, such as sales, service, or consulting. 

PFMA Connection

In addition to it’s own website ( the PFMA, Inc. publishes a newspaper in the which is circulated to all members and all trade show attendees. This publication includes a schedule of each chapter’s meetings, events, and trade shows as well as a “Chapter News” section. Each issue contains articles on maintenance related topics such as new technology, safety, and cost saving measures in the workplace. The newspaper also contains advertising relating to the various maintenance fields.